“Queer Association – Temida” was originally founded in 2015, with the support of “Women’s Fund in  Georgia”, as a women’s club. The goal of the club was to strengthen the feminist movement in Georgia and support trans-feminism. A new board was elected in the organization in 2019, and today the organization positions itself as a trans-led, queer activist organization.

“Temida” is a [queer-activist, leftist / trans] community organization, being operating and fighting for building safe, equal and proper political, righteous and social environment for trans and queer people. 

Organization’s aim is to build a proper, equal, and just political, legal, and social environment for trans people, where their needs, concerns, challenges, and rights are seen and supported by the state and society.

Our objective is to strengthen the voices, representability, and participation of trans people and to support community self-organization, which can be achieved through direct support, empowerment, and solidarity of trans people.

For achieving these changes, we are working to empower the community and democratic self-organization. However, for broader change, we are also building liaisons and alliances with other queer and human rights actors, both locally and internationally. Moreover, we try to support and strengthen independent trans and feminist groups and initiatives. 

Strategic directions of the organization’s work:

  • Building a fair, decent, and equal political, legal, social environment for trans and queer people through research-based, participatory advocacy;
  • Building a democratic, non-hierarchical, solidary trans community that is achieved through providing all necessary services to community members and the democratic self-organization and collective action of the community for radical transformation;
  • Creating critical knowledge about patriarchal, economic and cultural oppression and supporting public discourse and experience, existence of queer and trans people, where it is important to uphold the principles of non-harm, objectification and victimization;
  • Building solidary, cooperative liaisons with local and international progressive activist groups, organizations, and alliances that fight and are organized against economic, social, and cultural oppression.
  • For viewing the full version of organization’s strategy, please go the following link: Temida-mission
  • See the organization’s anti-corruption policy document: anti-corruption-policy-GEO
  • See the organization’s personal information protection policy document: personal-information-protection-GEO