“Queer Association – Temida” announces a competition for the selection of board members.

The organization is looking for volunteer board members who share the organization’s values.

TEMIDA is a queer-activist, trans-led community organization, operating and fighting for building a safe, equal, and proper political, righteous, and social environment for trans and queer people.


We believe in the idea of ​​an equal, just, and solidary society and strive to create a society free of [homo-bi-] transphobia and patriarchal hierarchies in the near future, where the basic needs and rights of trans and queer people are guaranteed, the trans community has its own voice, representability and influences political agenda and decisions.


We aim to build a proper, equal, and just political, legal, and social environment for trans people, where their needs, concerns, challenges, and rights are seen and supported by the state and society.

Our objective is to strengthen the voices, representability, and participation of trans people and to support community self-organization, which can be achieved through direct support, empowerment, and solidarity of trans people.

For achieving these changes, we are working to empower the community and democratic self-organization. However, for broader change, we are also building liaisons and alliances with other queer and human rights actors, both locally and internationally. Moreover, we try to support and strengthen independent trans and feminist groups and initiatives.

Acknowledging the intersectional nature of oppression and believing that economic, political, and identity-based oppression simultaneously affects our lives, we strive to work through solidarity and inclusive strategies and to build bridges and contacts with other progressive movements and activist groups.

We support the idea of substantial equality, moving beyond the concept of formal equality under the law and calling on the state to develop additional, positive policies to effectively address existing social, legal, and cultural asymmetries and hierarchies.

We believe that basic social benefits and welfare, including health, education, housing, and decent social protection, should be equally accessible to all, and that these programs should address the specific needs and experiences of different social groups. Protecting the civil, political, and social rights of trans people is unimaginable without access to justice built on human rights and justice, which is why our work is also connected to the demand for non-discriminatory police and the judicial system.

Number of vacant seats: 3

Duration of activity: 3 years

Duties of a board member:

  • Board members are elected by secret or open voting
  • The board elects the executive director of the organization.
  • Participates in board meetings held once a quarter;
  • Participates in the development of the organization’s strategic plan and
    determines the main directions of the organization’s activities;
  • Approves the activity and financial report of the organization;
  • Makes a decision on the expulsion of members;

In the selection process, preference will be given to members of particularly underrepresented communities: non-binary people, trans women, trans men, and gender non-conforming people.

If you are interested, express your interest by emailing: temida.club@gmail.com

The deadline for submission of applications is April 26, 2023.